New article on the health and wealth or prosperity Gospel

This article is a synopsis of part two of a seminar presented at the recent World Reformed Fellowship General Assembly in Jakarta August 2019. Dr. Whytock led the second part as a case study of one such global challenge, namely the health and wealth or prosperity Gospel (see:

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Dr Whytock – Lecture on The Health & Wealth or Prosperity Gospel in Indonesia August, 2019

Haddington House Spring 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are in Africa as we send out this Spring Newsletter but wanted to send it out now as so much seems to be happening. May you be blessed as you read and pray that the work of the Lord’s Kingdom may continue to advance. The Lord has shown His mercy in so many ways. We look forward to sharing these testimonies starting next month.

Yours in the Lord, Jack Whytock, Director

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