About Us

HH LogoWelcome to the Haddington House Trust, a registered Christian charity with home base in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Haddington House strives to advance evangelical theological education and training for the glory of God.

The Focus of the Work of Haddington House Trust is four-fold:


  •  to partner with others by helping to facilitate their efforts to educate and train future Christian leaders.


  • to publish an annual theological journal that endeavours to have wide accessibility and to consider the needs of laity, ministers, and students of theology while striving to have a global ethos.
  • to prepare and/or publish booklets, textbooks, and study guides suitable for primary use for Bible colleges and training centres in the majority world.
  • to partner in publishing academic material in printed and/or electronic format which advances scholarly Christian literature.

International Book Ministry

  • to network with theological colleges in the majority world for library and textbook development through book distribution.
  • to promote student and staff journal reading in theological colleges in the majority world through library grant subscriptions to the Haddington House Journal.

Lectures and Resources & Private Study

  • to offer public lectures, public series or workshops which endeavour to nurture laity, ministers, and students; and to offer visiting lecturers for teaching, library consultation, and networking in the majority world.
  • to encourage those contemplating a call to vocational Christian ministry by being a resource in conversation, a resource with a reading library, and providing direction to partner ministries for further study and training. Also, on occasion by accepting private-study students for CCS, DipTh, or LTh to study through Haddington House.
  • to offer documents for students and others to download for theological study, research, or ministry.