Workshop Booklets

The Lord’s Supper: A Manual for Communicants & A Workshop Booklet. Robert Pogue. Charlottetown, PEI: Haddington House Trust, 2015.

From the back cover:

“I have been using this little booklet for many years as I have prepared for conducting communion services. It is straightforward and biblical. The author has made clear and orderly divisions of his subject and has not written a booklet which sidetracks into controversies but keeps focused upon edifying and building up the reader in the biblical faith. It has been out of print for many years now, so we are delighted to once again make it available for a new generation of Christian ministers, elders, and church members as a revised edition. This booklet could be used in training workshops in bible schools, for small groups, and by speakers for communion services to draw upon in their message preparation. This is number two in our workshop training series, the first being on preaching.”

Jack C. Whytock

Director, Haddington House Trust and

Lecturer, Dumisani Theological Institute and Bible School

“Preach the Word!” Preachers’ Workshop. Geoffrey D. Lee. Charlottetown, PEI: Haddington House Trust, 2014.

Preach the Word! From the back cover:

 “I have been using Geoffrey Lee’s Preach the Word for preachers’ workshops for 15 years and have always found it a blessing. It is biblical, it is practical, it is realistic, and it is spiritual. I believe many preachers and lay-preachers struggle with structure – Lee gives some very helpful advice to all preachers on this one critical aspect of preaching.

“Read this booklet from beginning to end in your workshop group and discuss it as you proceed. I believe you will be greatly encouraged and blessed.”

Jack C. Whytock

Director, Haddington House Trust and

Lecturer, Dumisani Theological Institute and Bible School

The ABCs of Christian Biography. Jack C. Whytock. Charlottetown: Haddington House Trust, 2010.  ISBN 978-0-9866581-0-5

This book covers 26 biographical studies of Christian history from A.D 1517-2000, the Reformation and Modern Periods. From the back cover:

ABCs Christian BiographyHistory is not just about events but about people making events. With his usual intellectual incisiveness, Dr. Jack Whytock takes us on people-based histoical tours from the Reformation to the present with an eye to the future. ABCs of Christian Biography is an in-depth work presented   with amazing simplicity for the global public square.”

                   Rev. Ronald Munyithya, Lecturer at Westminster College and Seminary, Kampala, Uganda


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Academic Works

An Educated Clergy”: Scottish Theological Education and Training in the Kirk and Secession, 1560-1850. Jack C. Whytock. Studies in Christian History and Thought. Milton Keyes, UK: Paternoster, 2007. ISBN 978-1-84227-512-2; 978-1-55635-664-3


From the back cover:

Educated Clergy coverSince Calvin stated in his Ecclesiastical Ordinances in 1541, “It will be necessary to build a college”, Presbyterians have supported the concept of an educated clergy. Dr Whytock has written the most comprehensive study of this principle in the Scottish Church spanning three centuries. He brings together in this study a wealth of information and reflection which enhances our knowledge of the professors, students, curriculum and locations which produced generations of Scottish church leaders.’

Laurence S. Kirkpatrick, Vice Principal and Professor of Church History, Union Theological College, Belfast, N. Ireland


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Continental Calvinian Influences on the Scottish Reformation: The First Book of Discipline (1560). Jack C. Whytock. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2009. ISBN 978-0-7734-4751-6. Also available as an ebook for libraries through EBL and EBSCO, ebook ISBN 0-7734-1194-1.


Continental Calvinian Influences coverExcerpt from the preface:

“This book attempts to briefly examine Calvin on discipline but then looks more broadly at the wider Calvinian continental Reformation and how it influenced the Scottish Reformation in the area of discipline, specifically as it applies to the 1560 Scottish [First] Book of Discipline.”

Excerpt from foreword:

“Dr Whytock’s study is a valuable contribution in this year of the 500th  anniversary of the birth of John Calvin as Reformed scholars and churches around the world are considering how Calvinian legacy ought to be valued and cherished through continued reformation and ongoing building of a biblical ecclesiology.”

P. J. (Flip Buys), Associate Director,World Reformed Fellowship, South Africa


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Voices of Thanksgiving: Dumisani Theological Institute & Bible School, 1979-2019. Jack & Nancy Whytock, editors. Charlottetown, PE: Haddington House Trust, 2019.  ISBN 978-1-55383-502-8

From the back cover:

‘Voices of Thanksgiving begins with an overview chapter of the 40 years of the history of Dumisani set within the context of the Bible School Movement. Then about twenty selections from various contributors or voices follow telling various highlights from the story of Dumisani. Each voice is illustrated with photos and a scripture passage.