Public Lectures

HH LectureHaddington House offers public lectures which endeavour to nurture laity, ministers and students.

Below is a partial archival list of lecture topics delivered as Haddington House lectures and seminars in recent years.


      • Dr Manfred Kohl, The 1974 Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism and the Lausanne Covenant. A video of Dr. Kohl’s Haddington House talk is available here. Also, a general documentary about the First Lausanne International Congress on World Evangelization is available here.
      • The Beginning of Christianity in Canada (JC Whytock)
      • The Beginnings of Protestant Christianity in the Maritimes (JC Whytock)


      • The Vital Importance of the Bible School Movement and the Advancement of Missions and Discipleship


      • The Other Martin of the Reformation: Captive to the Word and the Spirit (Martin Bucer)



      • Theological Institutions and the Church: The Spiritual Formation of Leaders – Past, Present, Future


      •  George Whitefield: The Great Gospel Preacher of the Great Awakening
      • The Puritans: Correcting Some Misconceptions


      • The Missions Contributions of Scottish Presbyterians to Africa
      • Missions video presentation on Dumisani ministry
      • Testimony from a German Baptist Missionary (Carl Hugo Gutsche) to Africa – 10 Lessons for Today
      • David Livingstone – The 200th Anniversary of His Birth – A Reassessment


      •  The 100th Anniversary of a Book . . . and Still Going Strong – Roland Allen and 1912
      • Dear Old Matthew Henry, 1662 – 350 Years and What We Can Learn Today
      • Another 1812 Battle – Henry Martyn, the Evangelist to the Muslims and His Death in 1812 – Lessons for Today
      • Labrador and South Africa – Lessons from the Moravians and Their Missions Station in the Valley of Grace


      • What is Biblical Exegesis?
      • Lessons on Leadership from the Life and Ministry of Andrew Murray
      • The 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the English Bible – Background and Legacy, Part 1
      • The 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the English Bible, Part 2
      • Scottish Church Architecture and the Island and Rev. Donald MacDonald
      • Lindisfarne as a Celtic Missionary Centre


      • The Church: Towards a Practical Ecclesiology series
      • Those Island Presbyterians and the Love of Education – Annie and Charlotte Montgomery, Teachers and Evangelists to Persia


      • Spiritual Formation series
      • Vignettes into Canadian Church History series
      • The Christian Life: John Calvin on Godliness (Piety)  [Calvin 500 Celebration]
      • Calvin and Scotland  [Calvin 500 Celebration]