The Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths by David Robertson

Originally published in 2007, Robertson’s apologetic takes the form of a series of letters to prominent UK atheist biologist Richard Dawkins. The letters take on Dawkins, chapter by chapter.

The Reverend David Andrew Robertson was the Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland for 2015-2016. In June 2019, he left his role of Minister at St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Scotland (the historic church of Robert Murray McCheyne) to lead a new evangelism project in Sydney, Australia.

The Lord is Risen – He is Risen Indeed! (The road to Emmaus encounter)

Extracts from an article published in the 2019-2020 Haddington House Journal by Dr. Manfred W. Kohl about the road to Emmaus encounter.

…. The Lord went with the two travelers, guiding them into all truth. He presented a comprehensive view of all Messianic prophesies and their fulfillment. Jesus thus declared that he was the heart of the Old Testament Scripture.

… he was the substance of every Old Testament sacrifice ordained in the Messianic law…

… he was the true deliverer and king…
… he was the coming prophet, the true high priest… … he was, and he is, the key to all of Scripture….

* * *

Reflection and Application

Jesus demonstrates that he is closer to his people than they will ever know; he has time to listen…

Jesus demonstrates that he is able to fill us with his presence if we are empty vessels…

Jesus demonstrates that he himself is the key to all Scripture; when he speaks our hearts are on fire…

Jesus demonstrates that he is the first, the last, the living one; there is none like him…

Jesus demonstrates that prayer/blessing and breaking/sharing are inseparable – biblical stewardship…

Jesus demonstrates that to know him means to serve him faithfully and with integrity…

Jesus demonstrates that life with him is everything, and he invites you and me to participate…

And it all began with a simple dialogical prayer.

Soli Deo Gloria.


The full article is available here.

The 2019-2020 Journal is available here.

The Lord is Risen – He is Risen Indeed!


New article on the health and wealth or prosperity Gospel

This article is a synopsis of part two of a seminar presented at the recent World Reformed Fellowship General Assembly in Jakarta August 2019. Dr. Whytock led the second part as a case study of one such global challenge, namely the health and wealth or prosperity Gospel (see:

The article is available in the Resources section. Or, click here.

Dr Whytock – Lecture on The Health & Wealth or Prosperity Gospel in Indonesia August, 2019

January-February 2018 Household Bible Reading Plan (Updated for final Week 8 – February 19-28)

For the months of January and February a daily Household Bible Reading Plan will be posted on the Haddington House website. A request was made to try such and so we are going to try this and see how it develops. It will be posted Under the Resources tab.

– JC Whytock, Director

Update: Week 8 – February 19-28 has been posted. To access, click on Resources -> Articles/Devotionals tabs.