New article on the health and wealth or prosperity Gospel

This article is a synopsis of part two of a seminar presented at the recent World Reformed Fellowship General Assembly in Jakarta August 2019. Dr. Whytock led the second part as a case study of one such global challenge, namely the health and wealth or prosperity Gospel (see:

The article is available in the Resources section. Or, click here.

Dr Whytock – Lecture on The Health & Wealth or Prosperity Gospel in Indonesia August, 2019

January-February 2018 Household Bible Reading Plan (Updated for final Week 8 – February 19-28)

For the months of January and February a daily Household Bible Reading Plan will be posted on the Haddington House website. A request was made to try such and so we are going to try this and see how it develops. It will be posted Under the Resources tab.

– JC Whytock, Director

Update: Week 8 – February 19-28 has been posted. To access, click on Resources -> Articles/Devotionals tabs.