Haddington House Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for praying for the winter months and in particular (given the world situation) the last couple of weeks. We arrived back earlier than planned (in order to follow government and airline orders), and by God’s grace we made it back into Canada before midnight on Sunday March 21st.

We are self-isolating now for 14 days in Ontario, so we can spend these next two weeks marking exams and starting to do some writing — will try to take advantage of this quiet time in a productive way. Thank you to all those who emailed words of encouragement the last couple of weeks. It was most appreciated.

Psalm 16
In the Lord,
Jack Whytock


  • The Whytocks are back in Canada from South Africa
  • Report on winter teaching and ministry
  • Update on Africa textbook project
  • Public lectures and talks Spring/Summer 2020
  • Combined 2019/2020 Journal Spring distribution
  • Prayer points for Spring/Summer 2020

The latest Haddington House Newsletter is available here.