December Update – Graduation day!

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your prayers this fall.

Dr. Jack Whytock arrived home on December 1st- after some flight changes due to winter storms, but all worked out well in the end! Here are some praise updates —

• All teaching & tutoring for 2019 is finished.

• The last of the tutoring for North-West courses for Dumisani is now complete.

• The Dumisani 40th anniversary tour and the talk, “The Vital Importance of the Bible School Movement” to celebrate Dumisani’s 40th anniversary is also now finished. 

• The three courses at Africa Reformation Theological Seminary (ARTS) in Kampala, Uganda were Westminster historical theology, Church and Missions History in Africa, and Calvin’s Institutes. Excellent groups of students in each of those three courses. Graduation day at ARTS is today, Saturday, Dec 7th.

• Thanks be to the Lord for excellent Sunday translators in local churches.

Now editing, writing and preparing new lectures will be the focus for the next couple of months to prepare for ministry in 2020. We covet your prayers for this work.

Every blessing to each as we join with fellow-believers in proclaiming the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Jack & Nancy Whytock