Books at Dumisani Library

Cataloguing books donated to Dumisani library

At Dumisani library, cataloguing complete Old and New Testament devotional commentary set donated by Light to My Path.

          Jack and Nancy were able to personally deliver the commentary set donated to Haddington House by Wayne MacLeod of Light to My Path to Dumisani Theological Institute, King William’s Town, South Africa. In addition to their teaching four courses over the six weeks they will be there, Nancy is helping with library work. She writes, “Yesterday a local minister dropped in at the library wanting to find resources for a particular portion of 2 Corinthians that he is studying in preparation for Sunday. I had just finished cataloguing Wayne’s book on 2 Corinthians so was able to include that in the stack of books I pulled from the shelf for him. I am sure these books are going to be well used here.”